It’s premiere day!


Today, Thursday, is our big premiere day, we’re so excited to show you what we’ve been working on for the last couple of months! We have some exciting announcements about the show and about the premiere:

Watch us in LA!

Time Warner Cable has just made the OC Channel available to all of their Los Angeles county subscribers. That means OC Crime Catchers will be seen on cable in 3 counties: Orange County, LA, and Lake Elsinore in Riverside. Plus, wherever you can pick up the over-the-air broadcast signal on your antennae at 50.2!

Getting Social

We have lots of ways for you to interact with us while you watch tomorrow. You can check-in to OC Crime Catchers on GetGlue while you’re watching on TV or later when you’re watching here on the website (GetGlue is similar to Foursquare, but for all kinds of media). We’ll be live tweeting the premiere party tomorrow (with photos), so make sure you’re following @OCcrimecatchers on Twitter. The official hashtag for the show is #OCcrimecatchers, use it tomorrow or anytime you’re talking about episode 1.

One last note, OC Crime Catchers has also been added to the Internet Movie Database (aka IMDB), new info about the show is being added to the page periodically.

Enjoy the episode!

  • Jennifer

    I’m so excited about the premiere of OC Crime Catchers!