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The Dangers Of A Debit Card



Did you know a debit card with a credit card logo could allow a thief to drain your bank account, without your pin number?  –And you’d likely have to fight the bank to get your money back!

It’s true!

When you use your bank card for a debit transaction you have to enter... Read More ››

Inside Job?

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A woman goes to a bank to withdraw nearly $50,000 for a family medical emergency.  On her way home from the bank, she gets a flat tire.  A man, offers to help change the tire….. Three masked... Read More ››

$50,000 Reward offered to solve Murder Mystery

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The family of Cheryl Rose Wynn is offering a $50,000 reward to solve a year-old murder mystery.  The 48-year old woman was stabbed multiple times in the bedroom of her upscale home, located in the 1200 block of North Paloma Place in the City of Orange.  Steve Wynn, a retired LAPD... Read More ››